Costa Rica

Costa Rica has more than 200 money-based companies on the internet. Furthermore, the country did not dispose of specific legislation conceived to control the gambling industry online. The government consider betting online to be a classic commercial activity, thus, companies have the power to operate in the territory of Costa Rica. On the other hand though, they do not have the right to accept stakes from citizens of the country. 

Just as specific regulation does not exist for hazard games, the companies do not have to submit to any particular surveillance legislation. Most of the companies are self-regulated. 

In order to have the right to offer internet gambling from Costa Rica, companies must have a subsidiary in the country which has to be registered with the fiscal authorities, to obtain a commercial license and the company must also have an offshore account for transactions to be made into. 
As soon as the operator receives the license it is assured that the company will not encounter another obstacle in order to reach the objective of the company. This is the reason Costa Rica has so many enterprises in the online gambling speciality.