Betsoft’s games are offline 😱

Hi everyone!
I didn’t have much time to make you funny memes because I was very busy answering a lot of emails from you guys

More than 500 of you have written to me in the last few weeks asking for bonuses and game demos 😍😍

If you have browsed the site, you must have seen that some of the game reviews have been updated: indeed, following your requests, I added the playable demos of some slot machines! And it was a great success! We have managed to pass πŸ₯‡ 700 visitors per dayπŸ₯‡ this week and more and more of you are still browsing our different reviews!

However, I also have some bad news for you: we noticed that all the games from the BETSOFT software have gone offline this afternoon. I’ve tested directly on their website and unfortunately, the result is the same… πŸ˜₯

I haven’t been able to get any feedback from them yet, but I’ll keep you informed if I have any news!

For now, here are some new games that I updated and whose demo are functional!