Kahnawake License

Kahnawake License

A site wishing to provide gambling from the Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve in Quebec, require a license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

This organization, founded in 1996, handles the licensing and online gambling in agreement with the Kahnawake Gaming Law.

Obtaining the Kahnawake License

3 basic principles are required to obtain and retain the Kahnawake License

  • First, those allowed to operate are the persons and entities authorized to do so.
  • Then, the fairness of games must be guaranteed to the player.
  • Finally, the winners should receive their winnings.

5 000 dollars, non-refundable, is required to apply for a license. Then, 15 000 dollars is required to cover the costs of testing and probity checks.

A license is issued for two years. For the first year, it must be paid when applying. It costs $ 10 000 but can be refunded if the license is denied. For the following year, it is the same.

Kahnawake is now the territory from which operates the largest number of online casinos. Of the 500 most popular gambling sites, 100 are found there.20 of the 100 most popular sites come from this territory, while the servers in the United Kingdom, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda and the Dutch West Indies have less than 15.

The online casino sector accounts for more than 3% of total revenues from gambling. This represents 9.3 billion dollars.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission pays all its benefits to the community. Thus, since it was established more than one million dollars has been repaid.

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