Malta License

Malta License

Malta License can be obtained in a kinda, a gambling site must apply to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

Since 2004, there are 4 classes of licenses.

The first concerns the operators of casino games, gambling, and gaming using a random number generator.

The second is for operators offering sports bet.

The third concerns the companies involved in the promotion of companies operating from Malta.

The fourth is used to hosting companies or managing operators but excluding the licensee himself.

The license is valid for 5 years. It can not be refunded.

Obtaining the Malta License

The company which wants to obtain it must find an accountable to guarantee the control of operations. Belonging to the company’s administration, he is responsible for making regular reports to the body.

The game system must be tested by an accredited laboratory at least 6 months before being put online.

The Malta license is based on a system of checks and balances that are based on a strict regulatory regime and a favorable and competitive. These elements ensure the proper functioning of games and the demands of the public interest.

Money laundering is also forbidden. They favor licensees thanks to the absence of excessive bureaucracy and protect the players.

The last criterion is guaranteed by rules put in place a year after the rest of the regulation.

They require the separation of client funds and those of the licensee. The money the player should always be equal to the cumulative sums credited to his account maintained by the licensee.

84 companies have, for now, licensed in Malta. 112 made the request. One reason for this interest is that this island is part of the UK white list. The latter opens the English market to operators in certain territories, including Malta.

After the publication of this text, license applications have tremendously increased.

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