Netherland Antilles License

Netherland Antilles License .

Netherland Antilles License can be received by an online casino if it respects all the criteria needed.

To do this, it must first be registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Curacao. It may choose to be a legal entity as onshore or offshore. It must also identify the places from which it will operate.

How to obtain Netherland Antilles License

An investigation will be conducted by the Department of Justice. If during 6 weeks, no objection is found, the online casino receives a provisional license.

The latter has to meet certain conditions, including the payment of 33 708 dollars deposit.

It is also possible to obtain a sub-license for allied companies. For this, the licensee is obliged to apply to the Arrangement, a rate of between 2 000 and 4 000 dollars.

A license is valid for 2 years. It costs 5618 dollars per year.

It may be renewed at the end of two years. The Netherlands Antilles have the right to seek 2% of net earnings gained from online gambling as a contribution.

This regulation is in place since 2002. It follows the old regime that existed since 1999.

The Curacao Gaming Control Board administers and manages this new industry in Curacao. It is the government of Netherlands Antilles that decides whether or not to award a license for online gambling, according to the National Ordinance offshore gambling.

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