Payment methods and solutions

You finally took the giant leap and you have finally opened a real account in your casino of choice. The time has come to make your first deposit.

Several options are available to you depending on which platform you use. The most simple and immediate way to make a payment to the casino is undoubtedly Visa or MasterCard. Simply register your card on your account and choose the currency and the amount to be deposited.

Your bank account will be charged after each operation.

If you do not have a credit card, you can transfer funds to the casino. This payment solution has the disadvantage of taking longer and most casinos require identity documents.

If none of these methods suit you, try the alternative payment solutions (APM) very frequently used in online casinos since 2004. Simply open a free account at one of the online payment companies such as Neteller, Paypal or Skrill

Payment Solutions list

You need to deposit money on your online account, go to the casino’s website and make a payment. The filing is done instantly and you can play immediately. The main advantages of this online payment method are its discretion, its speed and bonuses often provided for using an alternative payment method.

Please remember if you win, the casino will not pay your winnings to your credit card. However, they will be paid by bank transfer or by an alternative payment method of your choice.